Summer Ballet Production

Snow White And the Seven Dwarfs
We are so excited for this year’s summer ballet! Below we have listed all the information regarding participation in the ballet. Most importantly, be sure to register by June 3rd if you plan on participating. This year your registration will be counted as your audition, so if you have not registered by June 3rd you will not be included in casting. After reading the information below, please send any further questions to Ms. Hollie at

Please read all of the following carefully:
The summer ballet is for ballet students who are 5 years old through Intermediate I ballet level. All students who participate must be enrolled in a summer ballet class. Students who are cast in a role on pointe must be enrolled in two ballet classes in addition to their Pointe class.

All participants must register online no later than June 3rd. There will be no formal
audition, but students who are registered will be cast based on teacher evaluation of registrants.
Register at the link below:–dimssal-form.html

All Snow White rehearsals will be scheduled on Wednesdays after 4 p.m. All required ballet classes are scheduled on Wednesday before rehearsal. Those on Pointe will be required to attend an additional Tuesday ballet class.

5/6 wonderland dance 3:00- 4:00
7/8 and Intro to ballet 3:30- 4:30
Beginner I/II ballet 2:45- 4:00
Beginner III/Int. I ballet 2:00- 3:30
Beginner Pointe 3:30- 4:30
​Pre Pointe 4:00-4:30
(additional technique class for Pointe students: Tuesday 2:45- 4:15)

Snow White Rehearsals – Wednesdays 4:30- 9:30
​(Your dancer will be there at varying times based on their part)

By June 3rd @

June 20th- August 15th

Requests for dismissal due
June 10th

Cast list posted
June 18th

Mandatory Parent meeting
June 20th at pick-up time

No rehearsal/class
July 3rd- 4th

Dress rehearsal/performance
August 17th (pending)

• Although rehearsals are generally mandatory, we understand that it is summer and families take vacations! We are flexible with this, however, we still need to produce a show, so if a dancer needs to miss too much we will let you know based on the dates you give us and how the schedule works out.

• In order to work the schedule as efficiently as possible, we need to have your vacation dates in by June 10th. If we have the dates you will be out of town before we create the rehearsal schedule, it will give us the opportunity to have as much rehearsal time with each dancer as possible.

• Wednesday classes (and Tuesday classes for Pointe dancers) and rehearsals are mandatory and you are only excused for dates that have already been discussed and approved with Miss Hollie.

• All dancers that are excused to miss a rehearsal, are responsible for getting whatever information was missed. The dancers must return to the next rehearsal having already caught up and learned everything they missed while absent.

• If a dancer misses a rehearsal and is unexcused, the student may be dismissed from the show without a refund.

• Requests for dismissal can be filled out on by June 10th. If you have a vacation coming up but you do not have dates for it yet, email Hollie to discuss if anything can be done,

• The cost for each person will be between $190 and $230. This will be dependent on what role(s) each dancer is cast as.
• This cost covers all rehearsals and costume rental.
• The cost does not include your required ballet classes.
• Additional costs may include tights if your dancer does not have a performance ready pair, and/or shoes if students need a special pair or a new pair, and any special make-up the student’s role may require.

The Cliff Notes
• Never miss a rehearsal unless excused by Miss Hollie
• Make sure you are aware of all due dates on the calendar
• Always ask if there is any doubt or question about anything (Never Assume). Your contact is Miss Hollie at
• All Info can always be found at under Snow White