Modern Messages Dance Company offers an array of opportunities that will give dancers experience, performance opportunities, and chances to grow and progress.

Dance Teams:
Dance Teams consist of groups of dancers at various levels that rehearse together once a week. During rehearsals they work on choreography that they will perform at various locations throughout the year. Dance teams, on average, have 3-9 performances a year based on their experience.

Christmas Show:
Christmas Show is a professional Christmas production put on annually by Modern Messages Dance Company. The cast accommodates all ages and all levels for those who have at least one year of dance experience. Auditions are held at the end of August and rehearsals begin right away.

The week before Labor Day is production week. After production week is over rehearsals are usually every other Friday and Saturday for each dancer until the show gets closer. At that time the cast members may be required to come every Saturday and several Fridays for the few weeks leading up to the performance in December.
The Spring Ballet:
The Spring ballet is also annual production put on by Modern Messages Dance Company. Unlike the Christmas Show, the Ballet portrays a different story every year. Those who are interested in auditioning must be eight years old and must be in at least Beginner I year 2 ballet level (some years we allow beginner I ballet dancers to participate as well).

Dancers are required to come to company class every Saturday, but may not need to stay for rehearsal every Saturday. Rehearsals for each dancer will depend on what scenes are being rehearsed each week. Auditions are held in early January and the performance is in March or April.