About Us

Beyond the friendly staff, sprung floors, experienced teachers, and a positive atmosphere, what sets us apart from the crowd?

Our Message: We seek to develop strong professional dancers in the disciplines of modern, jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, and hip-hop.  We strive for strong technique and professionalism in these areas and encourage the development of expression through dance. Because of the overall message we send, we do consider ourselves a Christian company. Because of this title, however, we do not keep ourselves locked in the Christian community. Instead we encourage our dancers to be a light in a dark world. We seek to develop professionally trained dancers who carry the love of God with grace.

We believe messages are always being sent out by our movement.  As dancers, we understand that with this power comes much responsibility.  At Modern Messages our dancers learn to use their gifts to express the ever present human dilemma and the love of God that can save us all.

Modesty: We believe it is very important to protect and develop the character of our dancers with the application of modesty.  We do this through the costumes we choose, the choreography of the dances, and the music selection.  Young and old alike, we choose exciting costumes that are not revealing.  The choreography is creative without any sexually explicit moves or innuendo.

Music: We play Christian music in our classrooms along with secular music that has a positive and moral message. Our music is selected with an emphasis on the positive message of the lyrics.

Performance Emphasis: Our main focus at Modern Messages is on performance, not competition.  Our productions include our annual Christmas Production, our annual Spring Ballet and our annual Spring Recital.  Beyond our productions, our dance teams perform at numerous community events. We participate in one to two local competition each year.

Cost Efficiency: Because we are performance based, we save students thousands of dollars each year.  By taking part in performances instead of competition, we have audiences and advertisers that defer a majority of the cost. Although we still do one to two competitions a year, our students get the same number of opportunities to perform for a lower cost.

We Have A Standard And Monitored Curriculum: At Modern Messages we have designed a curriculum that each teacher follows to insure that the students lessons are built on a proper foundation and technique. Our studios emphasis and execution of teaching technique has been recognized by national intensive directors and opened opportunities for our instructors to teach around the country.